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Shijiazhuang City Anruier Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a turn key manufacture enterprise specialized in field shelters and industry UAV systems. We have e-rod push elevator and antenna lodging system for the communication shelters as core technology, the professional R & D department as the technical reserve and the ISO9001 standard as the quality assurance. Although we are very young, founded in 2012, but we are full of energy and vitality, we are making progress every day. We will be the provider of your quality products and humanized services as well as your reliable partner in business. We provide the user with shelters, electric putter, elevators and antenna inverting mechanisms and fully set of UAV system.

My products include swing machine, antenna lifting equipment, high precision servo turntable, antenna lodging, turnover machine, four-point vehicle adjustment mechanism, self-driving mechanism of shelter, hoisting mechanism of shelter, design and application of the dedicated reinforced controlling cabinet for shelters. It covers machinery, electronics, communication , military industry, aerospace and other advanced areas. As long-term contractor of multiple national defense research institutes, we will supply various lifting system, lodging system and other demand instruments to existing customers and potential ones.

Based on “ high – technologies, high starting point, specialization and precision ”,company mission is to build a domestic professional brand. We are looking forward to cooperate with you .


We will provide you with professional services, welcome to consult