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Fixed Antenna

The 1.8m aperture antennas panels are base coated with yellow strontium and face coated with polyurethane which is good performance for chemical, biology and nuclear protection. The steel structure is treated by sand blasting and zinc spraying, and then base coated with yellow strontium and face coated with polyurethane.

Fixed Antenna Description

Thanks to the application of our advanced laser cutting technology and the good technical cooperation with the 54 Research Institute, my company has formed a full products range of antenna. From the minimum 0.8M diameter home TV antenna to the astronomical detection antenna with 100 meters above diameter, from normal pot shaped satellite antenna to detecting radar antenna ,our products can match the most buyers demands .Our products are of top rank quality and the price is absolutely competitive. Compared with European or American competitor, my product’s performance is similar, maybe more advanced in some respects, and the price will give you a surprise. So, do not hesitate to contact our sales department directly, you will get more surprises.

Fixed 1.8 diameter antenna by single column-Equipments list

Equipments list Description Qty
1.8 meter diameter antenna reflector and its supporting devices 1
CTI.A180C-E0651 single column base 1
CTI.A180Ku-E0651 feed source network 1
Foundation templates and embedded parts. 1
Options LNA/LNB 1
Transmitting feeders (only including azimuth waveguide, pitch waveguide, polarization soft waveguides and rectangular waveguides link to column) 1
waveguide inflator 1
obstruction light 2
lighting rods and ground wires 1
  • Power and signal lightning protection devices.
de-icing and snow thawing device of main reflector 1
movable sub-grade  foundation. 1

Fixed 11.3m diameter antenna turntable type-Performance indicators


C  receive

C  send

Ku  receive

Ku send

Frequency(GHz) 3.4~4.2 5.85~6.65 10.95~12.75 13.75~14.50
Gain(dBi) ≥51.7+20lg(f/4) ≥55.2+20lg(f/6) ≥60.8+20lg(f/12) ≥62.1+20lg(f/14)
Standing wave  VSWR ≤1.25∶1 ≤1.25∶1 ≤1.25∶1 ≤1.25∶1
Wave width (-3dB) ≤0.47° ≤0.32° ≤0.16° ≤0.14°
Wave width (-10dB) ≤0.87° ≤0.59° ≤0.30° ≤0.26°
Noise temp(K) 2/4 port 2/4 port
10° tilt ≤45/51 ≤57/67
20° tilt ≤37/43 ≤49/59
30°tilt ≤35/41 ≤47/57
Power capacity (KW) 5 1
Interface form CPR-229G CPR-159G/137G WR-75
Polarization form linear polarization circular polarization
Feed insertion loss,(include blocking filter dB) ≤0.3/0.4 ≤0.3/0.4 ≤0.35/0.5 ≤0.35/0.5
receive— transmit ≥85 ≥85

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