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5 advantages of portable military shelters

5 advantages of portable military shelters:

1, a wide range of uses

Can be used as mobile command post, communication control center, radar station, aviation command tower, TV relay station, radio transmission station, mechanical and electronic repair station, field hospital, exploration and survey station, field kitchen, power station, etc.

2, good maneuverability, flexible transportation mode

It can be used for sea transportation, land transportation (railway, highway), air transportation (transportation aircraft, helicopter). By using supporting vehicles or installing walking wheels, exciting wheels, trailers, shelves, skids and other devices, transport and walk at a certain distance. It is easy to evacuate, conceal, and maneuver. You can choose the favorable terrain and location to conceal the portable military shelters to improve the survivability and ensure the uninterrupted functions of combat command, communication and control.

3, with a variety of protective properties

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Portable military shelters have comprehensive protection properties. According to the requirements of users, the materials and structures of portable military shelters can be selected differently. Portable military shelters have good sealing (watertight and airtight), isolated. Sex (including electromagnetic shielding, thermal insulation, isolation, vibration isolation, etc.) can adapt to a variety of climate and marine salt spray environment, with fire, anti-infrared, anti-corrosion and other properties. The salt spray environment has the properties of fireproof, anti-infrared and anti-corrosion.

4. Improve the working environment and ensure work continuity and reliability

In addition to installing working equipment and related accessories, portable military shelters are equipped with air-conditioning, power supply, lighting, safety equipment, alarms and other ancillary equipment, so they can maintain a good internal environment, in the harsh combat environment and natural environment. Ensure continuity and reliability of communications, command, operations, and logistics support.

5, easy to serialize, standardization and generalization long service life

Portable military shelters can be designed into different types and different series according to different purposes, which is convenient for industrial production, maintenance and long service life.

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