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Application of radar technology

To meet these increasing new requirements, new technologies for various radars have been significantly developed and gradually applied to various advanced radars. These new technologies are emerging in nine main aspects:
(1) Expansion of radar frequency band
At the upper frequency limit, it extends to the millimeter, infrared, and LIDAR, and at the lower frequency it extends to the VHF, UHF, and HF (short wave) bands.
(2) Radar automatic target recognition (ATa)
According to radar observation data and features extracted from radar echo data, classifying, identifying, and judging attributes of targets is an important condition for battlefield management and accurate attack, and today's radar development Is a major problem.
(3) Radar imaging technology
With a large instantaneous bandwidth signal, you can acquire a high-resolution one-dimensional image of the target's distance, and use the difference in the Doppler frequency shift of the echoes in different parts of the target to obtain a high resolution of the target in terms of angle. You. In other words, it uses Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)) and, based on the principle of Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR), it is possible to obtain a very high 2D resolution and realize 2D imaging of the target range and angle. . It can also capture two-dimensional images of the target in terms of ground height and distance and detect hiding in the forest. Expanded.
(4) Ultra-low sidelobe antenna technology
High gain, ultra-low sidelobe antennas (maximum sidelobes less than 40 dB) are important techniques for radar interference prevention, anti-ARM, and clutter prevention.
(5) Ultra-wideband radar technology
Radars with an instantaneous relative bandwidth above 25% are called ultra-wideband radars. UWB radar, target recognition, radar imaging,
Disturbance, anti-ARM and other aspects are very important.
(6) Phased array antenna technology
In addition to very low sidelobe phased array antennas, the development of active, conformal, and broadband phased array antennas is very important. Each antenna element of an active phased array antenna has a transmit / receive component (T / R component) that provides high performance, high reliability, low cost T / R components, digital beamforming (DBF), and adaptive beams Equipped with large broadband products Signal formation, digital generation, and digital processing are evolving rapidly, and the massive adoption of phased array antennas is an important means of reducing the cost of advanced radar.
(7) Advanced signal and data processing technologies
The rapid development of computer and integrated circuit technology enables high-speed, large-capacity parallel processing in real time. When used for phased array antennas, adaptive digital beamforming can be achieved. It is a combination of antenna theory and signal processing, with the emergence of signal processing antennas with various adaptive features, offering new possibilities to improve radar performance.
(8) Modeling and simulation technology for radar systems
With the rapid development of computer technology and simulation technology, rationally determine various tactical and technical indicators during the design phase of radar development, adjust the assignment of indicators between subsystems, optimize radar system design, Radar design cycles can be shortened; simulation techniques play a more important role in optimizing system software and evaluating system performance. The adoption of advanced radar system modeling and simulation technology is an important means to overcome the long development cycle, high technical risk and high cost of advanced radar.
(9) New radar technologies, new structures, new materials
To solve the volume and weight constraints, harsh physical environment effects and high power heat dissipation problems that occur in installations on some complex platforms to achieve high radar mobility Depends on new processes, new structures and new materials. . At the same time, these new technologies are also important ways to improve radar performance, shorten radar development cycles, and reduce costs.
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