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Are radars classified?

There are many types of radar and the classification method is very complex. Commonly used for military radars. Usually classified according to radar purpose, such as early warning radar, search and warning radar, guidance and command radar, artillery radar, altimeter radar, battlefield surveillance radar, airborne radar, radio altimeter radar, radar fuze, weather radar, navigation control radar, etc. Includes navigation radar, anti-collision and enemy identification radar.
1. Classified according to radar signal format, there are pulse radar, continuous wave radar, pulse compression radar, and frequency agile radar.
2. Classified according to angle tracking method, there are monopulse radar, cone scan radar, and hidden cone scan radar.
3. According to the classification of target measurement parameters, there are altimeter radar, two-coordinate radar, three-coordinate radar, identification radar of enemy and friend, multi-station radar and so on.
4. According to the technology and signal processing method adopted by radar, there are coherent accumulation and non-coherent accumulation, moving target display, moving target detection, pulse Doppler radar, synthetic aperture radar, scanning and tracking radar.
5. Classified according to antenna scanning method, and classified into mechanical scanning radar, phased array radar, etc.
6. Depending on the radar frequency band, it can be divided into radar above horizontal, microwave radar, millimeter wave radar, and LIDAR.
Among them, phased array radar is also called phased array radar. This is a radar that changes the direction of the beam by changing the phase of the radar wave. The beam is also called an electronic scan because the beam is controlled electronically instead of the traditional mechanical rotation of the antenna surface. Radar phased array technology has been used since the late 1930s. In 1937, the United States first began this research work. However, by the mid-1950s, two practical shipborne phased array radars had been developed. In the 1980s, phased-array radar was further applied because of its many unique advantages. Multifunctional phased array radars are used primarily in new generation mid-range and long-range air defense missile weapon systems under development and are an important symbol of the third generation of medium- and long-range air defense missile weapon systems. Is. As a result, the combat performance of the air defense missile weapon system is greatly improved. In the 21st century, the continuous development of science and technology and the characteristics of modern weapons will further improve the production and research of phased array radar
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