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Causes and solutions for hydraulic elevators not being lifted

Hydraulic lifts are loved by people of all levels due to their excellent performance and wide range of application fields. These lifts play a major role in industrial production and cargo handling. Like other lift products, hydraulic lifts are not perfect and have certain problems. Many customers often give feedback that hydraulic lifts can't be lifted on the job, but to address this issue, the editor has edited the following information in detail.
1. The hydraulic elevator suddenly stops during use.
Solution: Check the position of the hydraulic valve, manually open the hydraulic valve to release the pressure, the elevator will slowly descend, stop using it, and have a qualified maintenance person repair it.
Second, be careful of the motor failure after turning on the power. The motor may be damaged, so replace it as soon as possible.
3. The hydraulic lift does not rise.
Solution: Do not use in this case. First, check if the lower pump station, solenoid valve, and other parts are working properly. Next, check whether the hydraulic fluid is sufficient. Also, the hydraulic fluid should usually be changed every 6 months to avoid being too contaminated, and frequent changes should also be made.
4. If the motor is running and there is no oil flow, there is a problem with the safety valve at the pump station.
5. The elevator will go up and then down automatically.
Solution: Check the low pressure relief valve, hydraulic oil pipe, solenoid valve, etc. for damage or leaks. Check the hydraulic fluid for impurities and ask the specialists involved to resolve it. Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. integrates lifting platform manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. People of all disciplines welcome consultations and negotiations.
Sixth, if the travel switch fails, the platform may not raise or lower.
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