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Characteristics of Military shelters

The shape is uniform and the size meets the type requirements;

High structural strength, lightweight and convenient lifting;

The sealing is strict and the heat preservation effect is good;

The indoor working space is large and suitable for people to work and live.

Military shelters originated in the United States and were first used in the US military. They are equipped with vehicles and have high maneuverability. According to different needs, they carry out corresponding structural design, installation related equipment, and specific functions. Widely used in the US military mobile command system, communications, medical care, logistics support, etc., is one of the important equipment of the US military's mobile forces. 

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In the 1950s and 1960s, American RVs developed unprecedentedly. During the period, the relevant technologies and structures for the production of the cabins were introduced, which improved the reliability and applicability of the RVs. Most of the RVs we have seen today are vans. The car, its material selection, and structure are similar to the square cabin.

Common cabins are containers, container houses, special cars, medical cabins, Military shelters, weather cabins, mobile combination rooms, etc.
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