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China has Special Antenna

As early as the Gulf War, the US military used the Special Antenna "Aegis" to show its talents on the battlefield. The US Navy's Aegis radar has repeatedly guided the long-range strike on the missile launch on the warship.

Special Antenna can be said to be a clairvoyant, which is more extensive than traditional radar monitoring. The traditional naval radar, through the antenna's constant 360-degree rotation, keeps track of all aspects of the news. However, the traditional radar can only monitor the side of the antenna, the scope and area of the survey are very limited, and it can not help the missile to accurately strike. The Special Antenna, more like an insect's compound eye, is not composed of a single radar antenna, but is composed of thousands of radar detection components to form a radar group, assisting each other and performing their duties. And the different combinations of each other can play different roles.

The development of China's Special Antenna is of great significance, and China has since got rid of the limitations of radar in the traditional sense.
Special Antenna
From the perspective of defense, the regional air defense capability has been completed, and the air defense network has become more extensive and dense. From an attack point of view, Special Antenna can provide precise guidance for long-range strikes of missiles, so that Chinese naval warships can accurately target targets thousands of kilometers away.

Strategically speaking, this is a major strategic significance from the shallow sea to the deep sea. More importantly, this powerful technology has been blocked by two superpowers. The Chinese Navy and China Radar have independently developed and independently innovated. It takes half of the time to create such a powerful radar, which reflects China’s growing power. Industrial level and overall national strength.

With this technology, the Chinese navy is even more powerful, with both offensive and defensive capabilities, and has the ability to wrestle with superpowers.
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