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Command and communication portable military shelter technical performance indicators

Company developed portable military shelter, has achieved technical indicators:

  1) light weight, average envelope surface density of about 13kg / m2, compared with the traditional envelope, weight reduction of about 50%-60%, improved vehicle mobility and flexibility, and reduce energy consumption in the transfer process, saving resources;

  2) safety, in the loading task equipment, carried out the vehicle rated load 7000km sports car experiment, portable military shelter lightweight envelope vehicle centroid greatly reduced, and the inertia is small, the vehicle is running more stable on bumpy roads.;

  3) load ratio, envelope roof uniform load≥7kN/m2, an area of 300mm×600mm concentrated load≥8kN, load ratio of 7:1;

  4) high environmental stability and adaptability, can work in complex, harsh environment, can withstand high temperature 75℃to Low Temperature -55℃temperature changes, can withstand relative humidity of 95% (temperature of 30℃)humid environment;

  5) excellent resistance to salt spray corrosion, through the concentration (5±1)%of the salt solution, 24h spray salt spray, 24h drying, a total of 96h salt spray test;

portable military shelter

  6) has a strong anti-fungal ability, can effectively inhibit the growth of mold, its mildew degree of 0;

  7) tightness, integrated molding envelope of water, light and other good sealing, after a strength of 15mm / min, time 30min after the rain test, no leakage;

  8) insulation performance is superior, at 40℃temperature difference between inside and outside conditions, the heat transfer coefficient of the envelope is 0. 39W/(m2•K), insulation Grade I grade.

  9) electromagnetic shielding performance is superior in 1. 0-18. 0 GHz range, electromagnetic shielding minimum of 64. 836dB;at 18. 0-40. 0 GHz range, electromagnetic shielding minimum of 60. 523dB.

  10) good impact resistance, 75mm, 39kg steel cylinder, 760mm free fall impact, panel no cracking, no delamination, no core material crushing.

  11) portable military shelter can be moved to improve mobility and flexibility.
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