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Definition and characteristics of Military shelters (2)

Compared with vans, military shelters have more room for development and a wider range of applications. Differences between military shelters and containers Although the size series of military shelters originated from the container size series, military shelters are essentially different from containers.

 military shelters
The main reason is that the military shelter is mainly based on the working environment suitable for the use and operation of personnel and equipment, while the container is mainly based on loading cargo, with different performance and different application objects. After more than 30 years of exploration and application, the military sanctuary has been increasingly used. From the beginning, it can only be loaded with general military equipment. The current scope of use basically covers all the functions of the van. And further to a higher level.
For example: high-shield military shelters, stealth military shelters, bulletproof military shelters, explosion-proof military shelters, etc.

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