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Development Trend of Military Shelters

Development Trend of Military Shelters

From the Gulf War in the early 1990s and the recent Iraq War, we can easily see that the war is carried out in all fields, and it is difficult to distinguish the front from the rear in future wars. Military shelters can be hit even if they are not positioned at the front. Airstrike force is one of the most important forces to win the war. The development of precision-guided weapons and equipped forces greatly enhance the intensity of destroyed firepower in the future battlefield.

With the continuous development of precision-guided weapons in Western countries, the increasing use of them, and the development of various missiles, blasting bombs and shrapnel bombs, tens of thousands of debris can be formed after the missile explodes and fly to the target in groups. The cabin equipment in the future battlefield will be threatened by unprecedented powerful firepower.

Military Shelters

It can be asserted that if the shelter equipment cannot withstand the shrapnel and light weapons bullet shooting, it is difficult for the personnel and equipment in the shelter to play a normal role in actual combat. Therefore, strengthening the wall of Military shelters to prevent overpressure and penetration is an important work for the development of shelter in the future, and should be regarded as short, medium and long term. One of the key points of development.
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