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Failure analysis and processing of hydraulic elevator?

What is the method of failure analysis and processing of hydraulic elevator? Is there a lifting platform maker to introduce to your staff today?
1. If the spool of the electro-hydraulic reversing valve is worn, the oil port cannot be sealed. Or, if the power of the electro-hydraulic reversing valve is turned off, the alignment force of the centering springs on both sides will be mismatched, and the valve core may move. The reversing valve leaks, locks fail, and rises slowly and automatically.
2.Some hydraulic lifts use piston hydraulic cylinders in their configuration, but if the hydraulic circuit of hydraulic oil leaks, the lift system will break down and the hydraulic lift platform will lock up there is.
3. If the same fault continues after replacing the directional valve of the same model. In this case, it is necessary to consider replacing the "O" type directional valve with a "Y" type. After replacement, the hydraulic oil pressure of the valve will drop significantly. Therefore, the hydraulic lift allows the lifting hydraulic cylinder to maintain the pressure balance with the rod cavity and the rod cavity, and the work is more stable, thus solving the problem of automatic lowering without operation.
Have you introduced the failure analysis and treatment method of the hydraulic elevator to the staff through the lifting platform manufacturer? Hope our referral will help you.
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