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[High Precision Gear] Failure Analysis

 Gears are an indispensable part for all kinds of machinery, but we will inevitably have problems with gearbox failure when using various machines. Many people are helpless about this kind of problem, and it is inevitable that Xiaobian together to understand the reasons for the gearbox failure.
In fact, most of the gearbox failures are caused by high-precision gears, and due to its poor manufacturing and poor operation and maintenance, it will cause high-precision gears to malfunction. Therefore, the faults of high-precision gears can be divided into two categories, one of which is caused by its manufacture and assembly, such as gear error, gear and inner hole are not centered, and the axes of the parts are not centered, unbalanced, etc. problem. The other type is that after the high-precision gear has been operated for a long period of time, its surface is subjected to a large load, and the two meshing teeth have both relative rolling and relative sliding, which in general leads to high-precision gears. Surface surface pitting, fatigue spalling, wear, plastic flow and other failures. These reasons will actually cause the gearbox to malfunction, so we must pay more attention when using it.
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