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How the Military shelters are designed

  Military shelters distribution box has a very important role in practical applications, so for Military shelters distribution box design links also put forward a variety of special environments and applications to meet the needs. How to design a practical Military shelters distribution box has always been a matter of concern to professionals. The distribution box is the total control box of the Military shelters electrical control system, which distributes the electrical energy, while at the same time enabling unified control of the electrical equipment. Overload, overvoltage, leakage, short circuit and other abnormalities play a protective role in supporting an integrated device. In general, the distribution box by the switch parts, measuring components, electrical protection components, housing and auxiliary equipment and the like. Its normal operation can be carried out by manual or automatic mode on and off the circuit. When the power supply system fails, you can protect the timely power failure and alarm, cabinets measuring device capable of displaying various parameters, the state deviates from the scope of work to be prompted.

  2.1 enclosure design
  Distribution box is loaded body of various electrical equipment and devices, to be able to withstand the weight of the entire cabinets of electrical equipment and devices, so the requirements for the box is particularly important in terms of strength.Taking into account the weight of the box, if too large, it is necessary to strengthen the local scope according to the actual situation, so as to be able to protect the electrical equipment and devices in a special environment or during transport will not cause damage to the case occurred.Production box material to use high-quality steel, this material is light weight, and its high strength, ease of processing, in accordance with the drawings can be expanded after cutting bent, welded into the box and makeup T two parts.
  Military shelters should be pre-embedded in the wall ribs to improve bulkhead load. Open four to six threaded holes in the appropriate position on the wall of the military shelter, through a threaded hole in the housing backplane with Military shelters wall connection, a variety of devices and devices using threaded holes to connect to ensure that the installation of equipment and devices strength and stability, easy installation and removal.Military shelters in special circumstances transport, its transit will have a greater impact force and impact force, distribution box cabinets equipment, and devices need to be installed securely installed accessories, the installation of flat washers and spring washers, so as to avoid falling off.Electrician during the electrical Assembly should also ensure that equipment and devices will not fall off due to vibration.

  2.2 thermal design
  Military shelters are equipped with heating devices, so heat dissipation must be considered.By opening the vent at the top or bottom of the box to increase the cooling capacity of the device, the vent can be processed into a grid-like or copper mesh to prevent foreign matter falling into the device and affect the work of the device.If the heat is large cabinets accessories, you need to install a temperature control relay, so that when the cabinets temperature exceeds a preset temperature value, the exhaust system will automatically open, forcing the high-temperature gas sent out, to achieve the purpose of cooling.

  2.3 insulation design
  The insulation of the distribution box mainly depends on the insulation capacity of the electrical equipment and the device itself.For individual devices, if the exposed part of the installation may occur during the leakage situation, there will be a situation with the box turned on. Therefore, through the installation of such devices to ensure that the insulating bushing insulated box.

  2.4 grounding point design
  In order to ensure the safety of the power supply equipment, in the cabinets usually designed grounding point.By welding the side wall of the housing collar, the lug, screws, washers connected to the ground line with the housing.
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