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How to extend the life of a hydraulic lifting platform

In order to extend the life of such machines and equipment, they must be regularly inspected and maintained during use (for example, machines and equipment have various switching devices). Check that the switch can be used properly and that the switch contacts are correct. There is a control box and a distribution box inside the lift, but these controls tend to accumulate dust, so too much dust can corrode the outside of the box. Dust. Generally, this must be done by the operator after each day of operation.
If a hydraulic lifting platform is used, the device must also be checked for overheating because it has a motor. If the motor overheats, the motor may be damaged. Or, if the motor overheats during commissioning, stop immediately and check for and clear the faults that cause the motor to overheat so that the machine can continue to be used. This machine has brushes and the parts where the brushes touch each other must be kept clean. The bearings inside the machine also need to be checked regularly, especially for bearings, which need to be buttered regularly. Insufficient butter will cause severe wear during operation of the bearings and will affect machine life. There are various wires and cables in the machine, but after use, the wires and cables need to be inspected. If wires and cables are damaged, they must be repaired or replaced. You also need to check periodically for loose screws in this connection. If you find that the screws are loose, you must tighten them. Some screws must meet certain torque requirements. To tighten the screws, you must ensure that the screws meet the corresponding torque requirements.

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