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Are there some problems with the method of failure analysis and processing of the hydraulic pressure reducer?
1. If the electrolysis liquid changes to the core, it will not be possible to block the oil mouth; or the electromotive fluid loses electricity and the counter force of the middle pair will not match and the core may be biased. Turns into a leak, confirms disappearance, and slowly rises spontaneously.
2. When hydraulic oil has a leak point on the hydraulic circuit, the hydraulic pressure reducing device uses a piston type hydraulic pressure because of its configuration, and the lowering system is potentially ineffective, It descends in a predetermined state.
、 3, Considering the exchange direction of “O” type to “Y” type, after the exchange with the exchange direction of the same type number, the previous failure occurs. Thus, by reducing the hydraulic oil, the hydraulic pressure eliminates the cavity, the cavity maintains the pressure balance, and the operating state does not decrease spontaneously.
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