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Hydraulic Pressure lifter for slae

The Hydraulic Pressure lifter features smooth lifting, easy operation and high load carrying capacity. It is especially used for cargo transportation between floors.
Hydraulic Pressure lifter
The product hydraulic system is equipped with anti-falling and overload safety protection devices. Operation buttons can be set on each floor and lifting table to realize multi-point control. The product has firm structure, large carrying capacity, stable lifting, simple and convenient installation and maintenance, and is an ideal cargo conveying equipment for economical and practical replacement of elevators between low floors. According to the installation environment and usage requirements of the lifting platform, different optional configurations can be selected for better use.
Hydraulic Pressure lifter should be inspected and maintained regularly, and hidden dangers should be eliminated immediately to eliminate the faults as much as possible, which is beneficial to improve work efficiency, equipment service life and safety of the lift. Lubricate the drive with a grease fitting at least twice a month for lubrication. Be sure to clear the oil passage or replace the grease fittings until the butter is added. Otherwise, the platform is forbidden to use.

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