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Hydraulic Pressure lifter precautions

Hydraulic Pressure lifter precautions
The Hydraulic Pressure lifter is more and more popular in many construction sites or factories because of its compact size and simple operation. The following Anrier mechanical editors have compiled the Hydraulic Pressure lifter operation specification process and the precautions for the use of the Hydraulic Pressure lifter. Related content, I hope to help everyone.

1. The Hydraulic Pressure lifter must be placed on a solid, level surface to prevent tipping during operation.

2. Work according to the load specified on the nameplate. It is strictly forbidden to use overload. In emergency situations, a maximum of 10% overload is allowed.

Hydraulic Pressure lifter

3. Spread the weight evenly in the center of the countertop as much as possible. In special cases, the eccentric load is allowed: the load of the longitudinal eccentric load shall not exceed 1/2 of the rated load, and the lateral eccentric load shall not exceed 1/3 of the rated load. The eccentric load must be approximately 300 mm away from the pedestal.

4. Materials such as pipes that are easy to roll must be tightly fastened or bundled.

5. Lifting platforms without manned protection are strictly prohibited. The manned lifts are provided with railings and anti-cracking valves. The anti-cracking valve prevents accidents in which the tubing is broken and the table is out of control.

6. The Hydraulic Pressure lifter prevents the hands, feet and clothes from being squeezed during work.

7. Press the "up" or "down" button to lift the table. If the workbench does not move, stop immediately for inspection.

8. If the Hydraulic Pressure lifter does not rise and hears the overflow valve screaming, stop the inspection immediately. Otherwise, the oil pump will quickly overheat and suffer serious damage. The relief valve is used to protect the safety of the machine and the operator and must not be adjusted arbitrarily.

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