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Hydraulic Pressure lifter product definition and maintenance methods (2)

Hydraulic Pressure lifter maintenance and maintenance instructions


The lifts should be inspected and maintained regularly, and hidden dangers should be eliminated immediately to eliminate the faults as much as possible, which is beneficial to improve work efficiency, equipment service life and safety of the lift. Lubricate the drive with a grease fitting at least twice a month for lubrication. Be sure to clear the oil passage or replace the grease fittings until the butter is added. Otherwise, the platform is forbidden to use.

Hydraulic Pressure lifter

  Regularly check the working status of the pin every month. If it is found that the pin tightening screw is loose, it must be pinned to prevent the pin from falling off and causing an accident. When servicing and cleaning the lift, be sure to prop up the safety struts. When you are working, do not load or unload the goods to avoid impacting the lift and damaging the mechanical equipment.

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