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Hydraulic lift hydraulic pressure tank pressure and oil control

The hydraulic lift pressure tank should pay attention to the tank pressure at all times during the work, and the pressure must be kept within the range specified in the “User Manual”. If the pressure is too low, the oil pump is not easy to damage due to insufficient oil absorption. If the pressure is too high, the hydraulic system will leak oil, which will easily cause the low pressure oil line to burst. For the equipment after maintenance and oil change, after exhausting the air in the system, check the oil level according to the random "Operating Instructions", stop the machine in a flat place, and re-check the oil level after the engine is turned off for 15 minutes. To be added.
Hydraulic lift notes:
In the operation, it is necessary to prevent flying stones from hitting hydraulic cylinders, piston rods, hydraulic oil pipes and other components. If there is a small click injury on the piston rod, it is necessary to use the oil stone to grind the edge around the small point in time to prevent the piston rod sealing device from being damaged and continue to be used without oil leakage. For equipment that has been continuously shut down for more than 24 hours, oil must be injected into the hydraulic pump before starting to prevent the hydraulic pump from being dry and damaged.
At present, some engineering machinery hydraulic systems are equipped with intelligent devices, which have some hidden warning functions for the hydraulic system, but their monitoring range and degree have certain limitations. Therefore, the inspection and maintenance of the hydraulic system should be the monitoring results of the intelligent device and the periodic monitoring results. Check the combination of maintenance.
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