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Inspection drone power is more labor-saving.

Shuttle through the mountain line "patrol line", the use of drones to carry out high-voltage line inspections and fault finding, the strength of the inspection line to check the high-intensity "technical live" Inspection drone can also be competent.

In the past, the transmission line inspection used the human patrol mode. During the inspection line, it was necessary to walk over the mountains and the mountains, which cost a lot of physical strength. Therefore, the inspection line is very time-consuming and labor-intensive.
Inspection drone
With the advent of the intelligent Internet era and the introduction of drone technology, the power supply bureau's patrol work has been transformed into a patrol mode. The patrol efficiency has been improved by 12 times compared with the patrol, and the patrol accuracy has been greatly improved, and the temperature measurement and ranging function have been simultaneously realized. Machine patrol and labor-saving The operation of the Fine Inspection drone has certain advantages.
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