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Introduction of internal installation methods for portable military shelters

The portable military shelters are equipped with a variety of communication equipment, distribution boxes, cabinets, conference tables and chairs, and computer terminals that need to be connected to the cabin through associated fasteners.

At present, there are two main types of installations for the available flexible military shelters:
1) The parts with excessive bearing capacity, such as tables, chairs, air-conditioning frames and guide rails, are pre-buried, that is, it is necessary to pre-install the buried iron in the deck and perform the drilling or riveting;

portable military shelters16.jpg?v=170751

2) The parts with low bearing capacity requirements, such as temperature and humidity meter, orifice mask and fire extinguisher mounting bracket, etc., are installed in the rear-mounted manner, that is, through the perforated rivet with glue connection.

The first method has good strength, but the position of the buried iron is required to be accurate when the board is made, and the installation position of the equipment cannot be changed arbitrarily. The second type of portable military shelters is quick and simple to install, but can only carry the weight of small equipment and adopts polyamine. Vinegar adhesive, curing time is longer

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