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Introduction to Military shelters(2)

3. Military shelters have a variety of protective properties with comprehensive protective properties, according to the user's requirements, can be of Military shelters materials and structures of different selection and design, military shelters finished with good sealing (watertight and airtight), isolation (including electromagnetic shielding, thermal insulation, insulation, vibration, etc.) can be adapted to a variety of climate and marine salt spray environment, Ocean salt spray environment, with fire, anti-infrared, anti-corrosion properties。

4. Military shelters in addition to the installation of work equipment and related accessories, also equipped with air conditioning, power supply, lighting, safety equipment, alarms and other equipment, it is possible to maintain a good internal environment, in the field of harsh combat environment and the natural environment, to ensure the continuity and reliability of Communications, Command, combat, logistics work.

Military shelters

5. Easy to seriation, standardization and universal service life is longer Military shelters can be designed according to different uses into different types, different series of products, easy to industrial production, maintenance, in line with Assembly, General Logistics Department of various vehicles, into the system, into a series, to ensure the ability to protect the troops "two into one force" requirement……
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