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Large-scale detection military shelters for sale

Large-scale detection military shelters mainly adopt the production process of Military shelters, the cabin skeleton size is standard 12 meters container size, double-layer thermal insulation treatment, the interior is wallpaper. The overall structure has a large strength, lightweight, easy to clean, good insulation properties and so on. Left and right side of the box to install four self-lifting mechanisms, so that the box can be raised to leave the chassis of the body, falling on the ground, the rational use of space inside the body arranged 4-5 accommodation or arranged meetings, office layout, with activities on and off the ladder, external body color separation according to user requirements.

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  Large-scale detection portable military shelters humanized design, reasonable structure, durable, flexible and convenient, equipped with high-grade facilities, earthquake windproof, convenient transportation, cost-effective, rugged, sophisticated manufacturing, warm and comfortable, functional, reasonable layout, durable, convenient transportation, luxurious decoration, humanized design, according to the principle of ergonomic design enough indoor space, indoor color with Harmony. Spacious, comfortable, beautiful, durable, and has a good seal, insulation, rain, cold good effect.Large-scale detection portable military shelters using high-quality corrugated steel welding outside masked, strong, sealed, barracks with good rain and snow, and performance.
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