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Military shelters electromagnetic shielding

In the past, when the Shield Military shelters between the partition wall to open the door with a shielding function, are articulated structure, no sliding door structure, mainly because sliding door to achieve shielding function is more difficult. Sliding sliding door shielding function is difficult to achieve: the door frame and the door frame must be shielded profiles, and install the SHIELD seal, so the sliding door is necessary to achieve the horizontal movement along the partition wall direction, but also to achieve the vertical partition wall direction of movement, and the ability to shield the sealing strip is pressed

Existing product compartment sliding door between the walls to use more hoisting rail, V-rail and other forms of mounting structure.
The upper slide of the hoisting rail type sliding door is a bearing slide, and the lower slide is a guide slide, and the hoisting rail type sliding door is suitable for the light sliding door.

Military shelters

V-track type sliding door guide ball Crown is disposed above the door, the guide chute for the slide. The bearing roller is arranged below the door body, the glide path is a bearing slide path, the V-shaped structure forms, the bearing capacity is large, and the sliding door is suitable for the door body with large weight

In recent years, with the continuous development of Military shelters technology and market needs, for the launch of equipment installation and integration of command and control integrated class Military shelters, the need for an isolation sliding door, electromagnetic isolation, in order to protect the health of staff and to prevent electromagnetic waves on command and control equipment impact.

Our company in a Research Institute of the development project, the design of a new type of Partition sliding door, can meet the requirements of electromagnetic shielding function, to ensure that the cabin shielding index of not less than 40dB.
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