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Military shelters intelligent power system design

In order to better promote the integration of civil and military logistics support system, with folk science and technology means to continuously improve the military security equipment, for Military shelters power supply system problems, proposed the use of wind energy, solar energy, the two most convenient, pollution-free, noise-free green renewable resources. Military shelters proposed intelligent power system design, a good combination of the advantages and disadvantages of wind and solar power can provide a continuous, reliable power supply for Military shelters, system maintenance is small, easy to use, can solve the various Military shelters electricity demand to ensure the normal operation of Military shelters.

Military shelters

With the progress of Science and technology, increasingly complex equipment and increasingly harsh conditions of the war, the logistics play a key role in Military shelters performance requirements are also increasing, Military shelters not only have a strong ability to adapt to the environment, higher electromagnetic shielding performance but also has a stable, convenient and reliable power supply system.

The designed wind-solar complementary power supply system comprises a wind power generator, a solar cell module array, an AC rectifier and filter module, a voltage regulation controller, an inverter, a bypass switching unit, a storage battery pack, an input/output power distribution and the like.
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