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Military shelters interior design

Military shelters play an important role in field operations. How to design Military shelters in special environments, so that the majority of commanders can feel comfortable and convenient in the intense work? This is our design in the interior design of Military shelters. The question to be considered, how to achieve more special functions while more in line with human bionics?
Military shelters interior

1, the setting of the internal environment of Military shelters

The main color tone of Military shelters should be black, gray and white in office, and have special requirements for use by Military shelters. Especially considering the requirements of field operations, you can't decorate your favorite colors like home. In the interior color design, the use of people's associations with color conventions to convey certain information, such as red to indicate the prohibition mark, green for the smooth, yellow for the role of the role, the use of black to the human iron piece of metal thick sense.

2. Design of lockers and cables

The locks of Military shelters are about 1 meter high, with space on the top and a 90 degree angle with Military shelters. The functions of each control button are distinguished by different symbols and texts. Each function key is arranged in a word, which is easy to see at a glance. operating. At the same time, the internal distribution box, printer, etc. are designed as sliding doors, and the interior passes through the transfer lines on both sides of the tank, and electromagnetic shielding is performed by a rectangular metal groove.
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3, the human body bionic design of the console

The console is dedicated to communicate the performance parameters and status of the machine and equipment. Each individual control panel is equivalent to the computer's display. The visual design of the panel is reasonable. The design of the console is reasonable or not, which directly affects the operation. The use of the person affects the communication between man and machine, which in turn affects the processing time of the information of the majority of the commanders and the war, affecting the war.

4, Military shelters internal ventilation, lighting design

The internal design should follow human bionics and rearrange the previous ventilation and lighting. The design of the luminaire should be simple, convenient, safe and reliable, anti-shock and anti-drop, low maintenance rate and easy installation. The military shelters are designed in the style of a bus. The converter is placed on the upper part of the Military shelters and passed through the air ducts to the interior. Since the luminaire and the air vent will increase the hole in the entire cabin, it is conceivable to pre-embed the metal in advance to reduce the subsequent puncturing procedure.

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