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Military shelters lightweight has become a future trend

Lightweight structure is an important development direction of Military shelters products. The composite tank not only has the advantages of lightweight, but also makes the Military shelters have high strength, corrosion resistance, and salt spray resistance by optimizing structural design and layer design. Features. The composite cabin achieves a weight reduction effect that reduces weight by 50% to 70% compared to conventional cabin structures and meets other performance requirements.

Composite materials have anisotropic characteristics and can be used to design composite components according to the requirements of vehicle equipment. Mainly has the following advantages:

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1. The weight of the traditional cabin is 450kg, the weight of the new material compartment is 170kg, and the weight is obviously reduced; more equipment can be placed in the car or more materials can be stored to maintain long-lasting combat effectiveness;

2. Improve the mobility and flexibility of the vehicle, and reduce the energy consumption during the transfer process. Generally, for every 100 kilograms of vehicle weight reduction, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of the same displacement vehicle can be reduced by up to 0.3, thereby reducing the vehicle. The cost;

3. The center of gravity of the lightweight cabin is reduced, and the inertia is small. The vehicle is more stable when running on bumpy roads, improving vehicle safety and off-road survivability;

4. Excellent salt spray resistance, corrosion resistance, high environmental stability, and adaptability, can work in complex and harsh environments, improve the diversified operational environment and mission requirements of field equipment, and improve the use of field equipment in coastal and coastal areas. Life and maintenance costs;

5. At present, the cost of ordinary aviation carbon fiber composite materials is 1.0 million yuan/kg. Our company applies aerospace composite materials technology and technology to the production of Military shelters and optimizes design and improvement to minimize production costs and achieve cost-effective optimization.

6. The carbon fiber composite material cabin has significantly improved certain performance indexes under the requirements of the national military standard. The integrated molding die ensures the dimensional stability and consistency of the product, and at the same time improves the production efficiency, especially the weight reduction of 60%. The cost of the price is only increased by 17%, which is unmatched by other materials to achieve the best price/performance ratio.

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