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Military shelters - lightweight shelter

Carbon fiber composites have high specific strength, good design, good dimensional stability, good fatigue fracture resistance and large-area integral molding, as well as special electromagnetic properties and absorbing stealth. Among them, demand has grown steadily. With the continuous improvement of the advanced composite material preparation technology level, the development of the overall square cabin of carbon fiber composite materials has made important progress.

Carbon fiber cabin

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The company's Military shelters can effectively improve the safety performance of vehicles, protect the lives and property of the people, reduce the loss of faults, reduce energy consumption, and save maintenance costs. According to the analysis of domestic market demand, the series of Military shelters can meet the needs of domestic military and civilian applications. The production of this series of Military shelters can enhance the military effect of the products, and can provide technical foundations and conditions for the civil vehicle industry, and have a positive effect on reducing the weight of automobiles, saving energy and reducing consumption, and exploring new energy vehicles.

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