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Military shelters ' practice of laying dark lines

Large plate Military shelters technology has become the domestic Military shelters mainstream production, to meet the higher technical requirements of military equipment is the unremitting pursuit of various Military shelters manufacturers, Military shelters interior has gradually been valued by the manufacturers, and cable layout directly affect the cabin appearance, this paper through the production practice of large plate Military shelters, in terms of.

Military shelters technology has been born for more than 60 years, from the early skeleton Military shelters to today's large plate Military shelters, manufacturing technology and quality have made great progress. In China, the late 1970s began to develop Military shelters, after nearly 40 years of effort, China's Military shelters technology from scratch, and progress. Especially in the past 10 years, it is by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, large plate Military shelters are being widely used in the military field with its excellent quality.

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Dark line laying method:
  First, the main layout of the dark line from the following steps to carry out:
  A. Design: in the design phase, it will be composed of six large plates Military shelters were wiring design, planning a good threading pipe wall inside, taking into account other properties and requirements of the hull (such as the installation of embedded parts, orifice and rigid strength, etc.).
  B. Large plate pressing: in the manufacture of each panel, the first rigid polyurethane foam
  Pipe, aluminum pipe and PVC pipe, etc., can be selected according to actual needs (the number of cables, cable size, etc.).After everything is ready to send the whole big board into the press to suppress. Figure 1 is a circular PVC pipe in the case of the wall.
  c. Cutting board: according to the design drawings and process files in the pressing of each piece of the wall of the corresponding position processing a variety of switches, sockets or lamps openings, notches and remove burrs, in general, all kinds of switches, sockets, lamps and so the mounting holes are in the inside of the wall openings, but also in the case of
  D. Pods combination: the composition of Military shelters six panels by outsourcing board, the internal pressure of the combination, to ensure the overall size of Military shelters inside and outside. Clean each opening again, the gap at the Burr to prevent damage to the cable threading, and then blow clean with compressed air cutting was a threading tube.
  e. Cabling: Press Military shelters electrical design files for cable layout, pull the cable attention to the protection of the cable.

In addition to the methods mentioned herein for large plate Military shelters, but also can be applied to large plate structure van, trailer cars and so on. In my factory manufacturing all kinds of large plate Military shelters, large plate van vehicles, and trailer car, has been widely used in this wiring method, the effect is better, praised by users.
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