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Portable military shelters structure (one)

Portable military shelters are special vehicles used in military vehicles. They are required to work under specific environmental conditions and are required to withstand solar radiation, temperature shocks, damp heat, salt spray, mold, dust and the like. In the use of the sandwich layer, delamination, warpage, deformation, unsealing, cracking, rust and the like cannot occur. In addition, portable military shelters are required to be protected from rain, fire, wind, corrosion and moth. No leakage shall occur in the rain test of not less than 50 mm/h. The design life expectancy of large-scale portable military shelters is greater than 20 years, the average fault interval is not less than 2 years, and the average maintenance time is no more than 4 hours. Based on the above situation, on the basis of earnest research, the military military aluminum alloy polyurethane sandwich panels were developed.

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Main technical content Figure 1 portable military shelters slab structure portable military shelters are designed for the field working conditions of portable military shelters and various technical and tactical indicators, in order to meet the requirements of thermal insulation and specific gravity of military portable military shelters, the largest Limiting the weight of the structure of the car, increasing its overall rigidity and reducing the amount of aluminum skin and aluminum profiles, the portable military shelters are designed with a sandwich structure (as shown in Figure 1).

The combination of riveting and bonding between the panels forms a military portable military shelters with strong mechanical properties, light weight, good thermal insulation performance, corrosion resistance and excellent sealing performance. The aluminum alloy plate with thin plate thickness, high strength and light weight is used as the inner and outer skin, and the aluminum alloy square tube is used for welding to form the skeleton. The hard pine bar is used as the partition heat bridge between the skin and the skeleton, and the other middle layer is filled with hard polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam board has good thermal insulation performance, light weight and high strength, good heat resistance and low water absorption, and excellent adhesion to metal and wood.

Thin and strong inner and outer aluminum alloy skin for axial load and radial shear; thick and light polyurethane foam core, which integrates the inner and outer skins into one body and is transferred from one skin to another The load and shear; the adhesive transfers the shear to the foam core, which passes through the core to another skin.

The prefabricated panels are connected to high-performance portable military shelters by large and small angles of aluminum, steel angled pieces, upper and lower flaps, doors and windows, and the like. At the same time, the structural dimensions of the aluminum profile and the installation of the embedded plate have been improved several times, which not only ensures the overall performance of the car body, the appearance of the car body is beautiful, but also reduces the manufacturing cost of the car body.

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