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Radio Astronomy Antenna-SKA construction completed

Radio Astronomy Antenna-SKA construction completed

The history of mankind to build the most large astronomical equipment, by more than 10 countries to participate in the "Square Kilometer Array radio telescope (SKA)" project, although the site is determined in the natural conditions of Australia and other 8 countries, but the telescope core equipment -- antenna prototype radio Astronomy Antenna development is led by China to complete.

Radio Astronomy Antenna

Ska's first antenna (SKA-P), Developed by China, was launched at the 54th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation. According to reports, the monster contains the main Vice two reflective surfaces, the main reflecting surface is a 15×20 meters long Hexagon, by 66 pieces of curvature vary, the side length of about 3 meters of the triangular panel assembly is made up of an area of 235 square meters, more than half a basketball court.

The successful development of Radio Astronomy Antenna marks China's leading role in the research and development of ska-core equipment.
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