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Rigid and transportable Medical shelters for sale

The Rigid and transportable shelters system can be used as a core integrated work and life platform for emergency medical rescues such as natural disasters, accidents, and disasters in peacetime, and as a wartime field medical rescue center.

The system expands Special shelters and fixed Special shelters as medical unit carriers on a 20-foot standard. The system can operate independently, self-protection, modularization of functions, integration of protection, and management information, which can be transported under complicated road conditions. Task requirements for use in extreme environments.

[working ability]

Rigid and transportable Medical shelters

(1) Classification of injuries and general injuries of the wounded;

(2) First aid disposal, emergency surgery, early treatment, imaging diagnosis.

(3) Clinical biochemistry, hematology, and bacteriology testing.

(4) Washing and disinfecting surgical instruments, clothing sheets, etc.

(5) Supply of medicinal materials, prescription adjustment, blood supply, and blood matching.

(6) The wounded and sick are kept in the hospital.

(7) Water, electricity, medical gas, air-conditioning technical support, and necessary living security.
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