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Rigid and transportable shelters for sale

Rigid and transportable shelters  square measure designed for mobile or semi-permanent operations. These shelters square measure composite based mostly construction; square measure equipped with power, I/O wire ways in which, ECU’s, operator stations, all infrastructure needed for austere military operations; and square measure ideal for command, control, and communication (C3) applications. Designed to ISO 688, ASTM 1925 and ASTM 1975 standards, HDT’s Rigid and transportable shelters square measure transferable via land, ocean or air with common military instrumentation and vehicles. The shelters square measure “rack prepared,” requiring nothing quite the particularmission 19" rack physical science or mast mounted antennas before preparation.
Features include:
Ideal for communications, COMSAT, police work, border protection missions
Engineered to safeguard sensitive physical science throughout rough military transport utilizing common military instrumentation and vehicles
“Rigid and transportable shelters” style provides ability to put in mission physical science and deploy. No further shelter integration or modifications needed
Versatility permits one shelter style to satisfy a good vary of missions, eliminating special shelter styles for everymission
MIL-STD 810 rain tested, lifting jack provisions, storage and file cupboards, weapons rack, lighting as well asblack out and emergency lights
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