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Shelters should improve electronic shielding performance in the future

Military shelters should improve electronic shielding performance in the future

  After more than 30 years of exploration and application, the use of the cabin has been increasing. From the beginning, it can only be loaded with general military equipment. The current scope of use basically covers all the functions of the van. And further to a higher level. For example: high-shield cabin, stealth cabin, bullet-proof cabin, explosion-proof cabin, etc. However, compared with advanced countries, there are still some gaps in domestic Military shelters technology.
     On the modern battlefield, Military shelters is one of the main equipment used as a working platform for electronic equipment. With the development of electronic technology, more and more advanced and sophisticated electronic equipment such as command and control systems, communication systems, detection and early warning systems, and radar systems are being developed. When installed on the cabin, whether these electronic devices can play their due role largely determines the outcome of the war. These electronic devices are usually made of transistors or integrated circuits. They are susceptible to electromagnetic interference and are easily damaged by electromagnetic pulses. Therefore, the cabin must provide sufficient electromagnetic shielding protection for its internal electronic equipment. Therefore, Anruil Machinery Equipment New Materials Co., Ltd. has developed 2M electronic shielding cabin according to the development trend. This product is a high-performance electromagnetic shielding room, suitable for metering with high shielding requirements, product testing, testing, information security, computer network. , medical, financial and other units.

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Military shelters
     Main performance advantages
     1. Easy assembly and disassembly, strong assembly and disassembly, beautiful appearance, easy for users to relocate and expand, avoiding repeated investment.
     2, the use of modular design, the addition of high-quality conductive lining between the modules, bolted and pressed, sealed and reliable.
     3, the module is easy to install, beautiful and generous.
     The square cabin is an inevitable product of military technology and equipment development and scientific and technological progress. It has been more than 50 years old since its appearance. With the improvement of structural performance and people's awareness, the number of equipment has increased year by year, and the scope of application has been further expanded. And gradually penetrated into the civil oil, geology, meteorology, communications, medical, field science and other departments, showing a strong vitality.

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