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Spiral Elevator for sale

Our specially designed Spiral Elevator is used for moving a product in an upwards direction. It is the most versatile unit for elevating different size of products within a compact footprint.
Elevating free flowing materials in any heating or cooling operations. All types of liquids and fine powder can be lifted in an upward direction by revolving. It can be used in different areas of the food, feed, pharmaceutical, chemical and much more.
Spiral ElevatorSpiral ElevatorSpiral ElevatorSpiral Elevator
Spiral Elevator
1. Height:Up to 8m
2. Diameter:Up to 2.5m
3. Machine material:(Contact part and non-contact part): SUS304, SUS316L and Carbon steel
4.Capacity:Vary from different materials and different models
5.Motor rotate speed:960rpm
6.Noise level:Below 75 dB
7.Application:Powder or granule
8.Heat or cooling function:Available
Products Introduction
The vibration elevator can be also called as vertical elevator, spiral conveyor, spiral elevator  etc.The vibration elevator is applicable to lift materials of powder,granule,block and short fiber  vertically up to eight meters.The material is conveyed solely through the action of centrifugal  force generated by twin externally mounted motors. This machine is also useful in material  cooling and drying applications during the process of lifting.According to customer's special request, vertical conveyor can also be designed to classify  the materials and convey flammable and explosive materials.
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