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Vibratory Spiral Elevators are vertically aligned oscillating conveyors, which are increasingly being used in mechanical and thermal process engineering to elevate or softly de-elevate material.
Its use is one of the standard solutions for bulk material handling in numerous industrial sectors where space is restricted. Typical applications include material that is too abrasive for screw conveyors; additional processes such as cooling or heating during transportation; requirement for easy access cleaning or sterile surfaces.
Spiral Elevators are designed for conveying bulk material within a compact area. The machine eliminates degradation during elevation by utilizing a gentle vibratory motion. The helical pattern of the Spiral Elevator’s trough creates a long conveying path with a high retention time that makes it ideal for cooling, heating, or drying processes. Several heat treatment options are available for anruier’s Spiral Elevators. These include air vents for direct heating/cooling and jacketed flights for contact heating/cooling via water, oil or steam.

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