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The screw screw lifter adopts a unique square shell design, made of spherical graphite cast iron, which greatly improves the strength and performance of the shell, and is widely used at high and low temperature. The square tail cover design prevents screw rotation. The structure type and assembly type are different, and the lifting height can be customized according to user requirements. It has many advantages, such as easy installation, flexible use, multiple functions, multiple support styles, high reliability and long service life. Please contact us for more information.
Product usage characteristics:
Thrust range: 0.5-30 tons;
The stroke can reach 8m and the stability of the lead screw and guide mechanism must be taken into account.
The work time is 30%, but if the load factor is small, you can increase the work time appropriately.
Lifting speed is less than 1500mm / min (23mm / sec) and can reach 46mm / sec in special cases.
Efficiency is less than 33%, self-locking function, large reduction ratio L1 is completely self-locking
Accurate positioning, the accuracy of additional backlash device can reach 0.05mm.
Absolute synchronization, multiple screw elevators driven simultaneously by the same motor, mechanical synchronization.
We can provide double head screw, three head screw and ball screw lift.
Encoder, limit switch, dust cover, safety nut, reducer, normal motor, servo motor, stainless steel, etc. can be mounted.
Easy operation and maintenance, low noise.
Spiral elevators are basic lifting components that are widely used in industries such as machinery, construction, irrigation and metallurgical equipment, and have many functions such as lifting, lowering, moving forward, falling, and height adjustment by auxiliary parts . Non-standard products can be designed according to customer requirements, such as stainless steel housing and screw screw elevator, multi-head screw, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance and other products. Modular combinations enhance product mix changes. Screw elevators can be directly combined with any combination of motor / gear motor / special function accessories. Multiple combinations can be selected due to the integrated design.

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