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Sprial Elevator for sale

The spiral elevator is mainly composed of lead screw nut, motor, reducer combination, high-precision track combination, lifting platform and control system.
It is hard structure, light weight, strong bearing capacity, high reliability, accurate lifting and positioning, easy installation and maintenance. It can be used in environment requiring anticorrosion and explosion protection.The working temperature is -40℃to+70℃
Spiral Elevator is applicable to materials of powder, block and short fibre, and widely used in chemical industry, rubber,plastic,medicine, light industry, metallurgy, building material, machinery, mine, food and other industries.The material not only can be lifted, but also can be dried and cooled during the process of lifting.
Product Application
Vibrating spiral conveyor also called as vertical vibrating conveyor,spiral elevator conveyor,can lift bulk material,powder,granules,pellet,tablet vertically up to 25 ft and need only very small floor space.Material is conveyed upward or downward under the action of two vibrators mounted in opposite directions. There are no bearings or internal moving parts to degrade material.
Other functions can be realized by tailor-made service e.g heating,cooling,drying, spreading etc
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