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Sprial Elevator surface rust treatment method

Sprial Elevator surface rust treatment method
In daily use, since the part of the Sprial Elevator is exposed to the outside, it is easy to cause the metal part of the push rod to rust due to oxidation.

Anrui Machinery here gives you several solutions:

1: Sprial Elevator is rusted because some manufacturers' materials are not caused by stainless steel. If rust is not serious, sandpaper can be used to polish and remove rust.

Inadequacies: Sapial paper itself has a large loss of Sprial Elevator.

Sprial Elevator

2: Chemical descaling is mainly a derusting method that uses chemical reaction with the metal parts of Sprial Elevator to remove the rust products of the putter rust surface. This method is mainly used for large-scale mechanical Sprial Elevator, while paying attention to In the course of use, the precision devices such as electronic instruments are protected from acid corrosion.

3: High pressure water abrasive rust removal. The impact of high-pressure water jets and the method of grinding and rusting the Sprial Elevator by abrasives have the advantage of less damage to the material, but the water has some damage to the electronic equipment and is suitable for the detachable type of Sprial Elevator.

4: Small wind or electric rust removal, this method is the principle of using the air compression to generate friction or electromagnetic effect to generate friction. The method of grinding and rusting the rust surface of the Sprial Elevator table can be used for the push rod of precision instruments. Or for companies that need micro-operations with Sprial Elevator.

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