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Tactical technical performance of military radar

Tactical technical performance of military radar
Military radar mainly includes: radar maximum range, minimum range, azimuth, elevation operating range,
Military radar performance:
Accuracy, resolution, data rate, anti-interference ability, survivability, operability, reliability, maintainability, and adaptability to environment, and radar operating system, carrier frequency, transmission power, signal format, pulse repetition frequency, Pulse width, reception sensitivity, antenna beam shape and scanning method, display format and number, etc. Accuracy is the degree to which the radar deviates from the actual value when determining the bearing, distance and altitude of the target. Resolution is the ability of a radar to resolve two adjacent targets in azimuth, range and altitude. Anti-jamming is the ability of a radar to suppress not only active and passive interference from enemies, but also ground objects, waves, and weather interference that occur in nature. Common anti-jamming measures include combining different frequency bands and different types of radar into a radar network and using the data mutually to place the interfering aircraft at multiple stations. Enlarging, fast electronic frequency hopping, lowering antenna sidelobe level, increasing transmit power, pulse compression, pulse Doppler filtering, etc.
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