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The advanced nature of portable military shelter

Portable military shelter can effectively improve the safety performance of vehicles, protect the lives and property of the people, reduce the loss of faults, reduce energy consumption, and save maintenance costs. According to the analysis of domestic and international market demand, this series of portable military shelter can meet the needs of domestic and foreign military and civilian applications.

Technological advancement

1. Select two or more hybrid weavings of T800S grade high performance carbon fiber, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, high performance aramid fiber and special ceramic fiber (basalt fiber, silicon carbide fiber, etc.) The composite treatment means surface modification of the high-performance protective fiber reinforced material, improving the affinity of the surface of the hybrid fiber to the resin, and achieving the best application level of the surface roughness.

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2. Based on hybrid fiber composite materials used in lightweight military composites, develop high-performance composite resin adhesives suitable for a variety of hybrid fiber infiltration, study the wettability of adhesives to hybrid fibers, and study adhesives. The resin viscosity, thermal properties, curing properties and mechanical properties finally produce a high performance resin adhesive suitable for hybrid fiber composites.

3. Through the technical transformation research of military vehicle body to civilian vehicles, especially the preparation and development technology of heavy truck car body, and based on the research of lightweight characteristics, the intelligent characteristics and secondary repair of the car body are introduced. Technical research and computer simulation of the entire process, develop and improve the preparation technology of civil heavy-duty vehicle bodies from various aspects.

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