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The forming process of portable military shelter

1.portable military shelter material thermoforming technology
Principles and ways to achieve:the composite material is mainly composed of a hot press conveyor, a heater, a hydraulic system, and a control system, the conveyor is responsible for conveying the sheet, the heater using the heat generated by the combustion of fuel to the upper and lower Platen table is heated, driven by the hydraulic system of the upper and lower portable military shelter Composite thermoforming technology is the use of bonding process method will foam board, inside and outside the skin with a special adhesive bonding made.

2.portable military shelter large plate forming process
Large plate portable military shelter the most basic division version of the design and manufacture. The key to the manufacture of large board portable military shelter is the press equipment, and the key to bonding and dressing is the adhesive. Bonded portable military shelter large plates use polymer chemical adhesives to achieve coupling, sealing, and retention of practical technology. The bonding process has been widely used in the manufacture of portable military shelter.

portable military shelter21.jpg?v=170837

3.Integrated molding process
My company's composite material portable military shelter using integrated molding process design, portable military shelter using mold design, reproduction has been carried out before the mold design, portable military shelter all sides are integrally formed in the production process, there is no splice surface, and the beginning of production to set aside a variety of doors, windows, wire, lifting empty. And the company has a large high-temperature curing box and hot tank, to ensure the strength of the molded product. The company's first integrated molding process in the civilian market by the customer's trust.

portable military shelter dimensions and standards
Dimensions of 6058mm×2438mm×2438mm in line with international container standard portable military shelter there are 10 kinds.

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