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The main part of the hydraulic drive system of the lift

What are the main parts of the hydraulic drive system of the lift? Here are the staff of the lift manufacturer to introduce to you
    1. The power component is used to convert mechanical energy into hydraulic fluid energy and provide pressure oil to the hydraulic system of the hydraulic lifting platform.
    2, the actuator, its role is to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and output linear or rotary motion respectively
    3. The function of the control element is to control the pressure of the hydraulic system fluid separately. Flow and flow direction to meet actuator requirements for force, speed and direction of motion
    4, auxiliary components they play an auxiliary role to ensure that the lifting platform hydraulic system works properly
    5. The medium that transfers energy to the working medium
    Have you learned the main part of the hydraulic drive system of the lift by the staff of the lift manufacturer? I hope our introduction can help you better.
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