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The principle of raising and lowering the lifting platform

Everyone is familiar with the principles of the lifting platform, but do you know how much you can separate the up and down movements?
When the lifting operation, the control of the suction of the contactor by the raising button, and the power of the electric motor are turned on, the electric motor operates and drives the hydraulic pump (general gear pump and vane pump). Hydraulic oil is filtered by the oil under the pressure of the hydraulic pump. Equipment, flame-retardant electromagnetic directional valve, throttle valve, hydraulic control check valve, balance valve, explosion-proof valve enters the lower end of the hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic oil acts on the piston, pushes up the piston rod, pushes up and down the platform table The return oil at the top of the hydraulic cylinder is returned to the fuel tank via an explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve, its rated pressure is adjusted by a relief valve, and the pressure gauge reading is observed through the pressure gauge. When the lifting platform reaches the set position, the contactor control circuit is switched off via the travel switch, the contactor is disconnected, the electric motor is switched off, and the lifting platform stops at the specified position.
During the lowering operation, the solenoid valve of the pressure relief circuit is connected via the lowering button and the relay.Under the gravity of the lifting platform and the gravity of the cargo, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder moves down and receives the pressure Work area (descending speed may be fast): The electric motor must also work when lowered. The electric motor pressure increases the oil return speed and accelerates the descent speed of the lifting platform. ) Hydraulic oil enters the upper end of the hydraulic cylinder via an explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve. Oil is returned to the fuel tank through balance valves, hydraulic control check valves, throttle valves, and explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valves. When the specified position is reached, the power of the solenoid reversing valve of the pressure relief circuit is cut off by the movement switch (the power of the electric motor of the lifting platform which needs to lower the electric motor is also cut off), and the lifting platform is designated Stop at the position you set.
To ensure that heavy objects fall smoothly and that the brakes are safe and reliable, a balance valve is installed in the oil return path to balance the circuit and reduce pressure so that heavy objects do not change the descent speed. Keep To increase the safety and reliability of the brakes and prevent accidents, a hydraulically controlled one-way valve, i.e. a hydraulic lock, has been added to safely auto-lock the hydraulic pipeline in case of accidental rupture of the hydraulic pipeline You can do it. An overload audible alarm is installed to distinguish overload or equipment failure.

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