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UAV workflow
(1) Start interface: Quickly realize the task plan, enter the task monitoring interface, realize the quick automatic archiving of aerial photography tasks, split the function, realize the single and stable software operation.
(2) Pre-flight inspection: To ensure mission safety, auto-detection is performed along with flight control software before take-off, good aircraft GPS, compass, airspeed tube and its pitch roll To avoid dangerous situations in aerial photography.
(3) Flight mission planning: Plan missions in three modes: regional aerial photography, navigation, and hybrid mode.
(4) Flight Monitoring: Real-time control of critical status such as aircraft attitude, azimuth, airspeed, position, battery voltage, real-time wind speed and direction, mission time, etc. Can be determined in real time to further ensure mission safety. ..
(5) Image Composition: After completing the task of aerial photography, navigate the aerial photography and perform image composition in the study area.
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