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US military test new air base reengineering system

In July, the US Air Force tested the new DABS ("Deployable Air Base System"). It includes the transport of 161 portable military shelters and 60 engineering and airport operations vehicles from Luxembourg to Poland, mainly by land (19 rail vehicles and 87 trucks). Two C-130 transporters were also used to transport all items to a small airport that would not normally conduct military operations. Land transportation took 24 hours. Subsequently, 57 Air Force logistics and air operations personnel spent another 24 hours unloading, locating and putting the equipment into service.
portable military shelters28.jpg?v=170809
After the completion of the DABS, the small airport was able to equip or load/unload the military aircraft, refuel and repair the damaged military aircraft with the support of the newly arrived Air Force base personnel and related equipment. This includes medical, housing, sanitation and catering facilities. DABS includes tents and modular construction, generators, satellite communications, and air base support electronics. Poland may provide all the resources that may be available in wartime, but DABS is also based on the assumption that food, fuel, and other supplies must also be transported from Western Europe via rail, road and cargo aircraft.

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