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Vehicle Communication Command System Integration-Military shelters

professional field:
Aviation/Airport and Technology Management; Aerospace/Aerospace Launch Technology; Communication/Communication Systems; Energy and Power/Vehicle Technology

Product (Technology) Keywords:

System integration; Military shelters electromagnetic shielding; lightweight; stealth bulletproof; shock absorption and noise reduction; field lightning protection
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The company's products are based on the vehicle communication command system integration, Military shelters, and military modified vehicles.
Product types: communication accusation system, intelligence reconnaissance system, electronic countermeasures system, spectrum monitoring system, mapping system, logistics shelters, mobile shelters, military shelters, unmanned aerial control, detection, security systems, etc. Covers right-angle Military shelters, Military shelters, Military shelters, Military shelters, Military shelters, Military shelters, and Invisible Military shelters.

In the communication command system integration application, Military shelters light, stealth bulletproof, shock absorption and noise reduction, field lightning protection, intelligent control, metal material pre-treatment, bonding technology and other aspects of innovation, set the industry's leading edge.

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