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Vibrating spiral elevators for sale

Vibrating spiral elevators description

Vibrating spiral elevators use a similar principles of vibration that moving conveyors use to maneuver materials. However, the spiral elevator features a trough that's turbinate in form instead of an extended, straight trough. Material is introduced via a feed spout at very cheap of the unit and moved upward because it conveys in a circle around a centertube. Material is discharged from the spiral elevator at a height of up to sixty feet on top of the feed purpose.
Features and edges of Vibrating spiral elevators:
Vibrating spiral elevators area unit designed to elevate a range of bulk solids while not spilling or jam components.
Available in diameters up to eleven feet and heights up to sixty feet.
Process capability for drying or cooling the merchandise whereas elevating.
High temperature styles obtainable for handling materials up to 1500 deg. F.
Available in brute force or natural frequency style.
Adjustable stroke and angle of attack for retention time management.
Water or steam-jacketed trough styles obtainable.
Product contact surfaces is Plasma or Teflon coated for handling of sticky product.
U.S.D.A. (3A) food and dairy farm grade stop working obtainable.
Choice of spiral elevator construction materials: metal alloys or chrome steel.
Easy installation, low maintenance and minimum time period.

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