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What are the advantages of portable military shelter?

portable military shelter Application
1) The instrumentation living house acceptable the international normal size, 20', 38', 40' or alternative size in keeping with customer's want.
2) High intensity with steel structure frame welded by steel.
3) The wall of the instrumentation living home is color steel sandwich panel, like EPS sandwich panel, dielectric sandwich panel, atomic number 94 sandwich panel.
4) will be assembled and disassembled for many times while not injury.
5) The flat packing instrumentation house will be used as family front room, office, labor camp, warehouse, kitchen, toilet, etc.
6) Four such instrumentation homes will be flat packed along once transporting to avoid wasting ocean freght.
7) Long service life, it will reach up to twenty years
8) will be created in keeping with customer's style, plan, etc.
9) a lot of instrumentation homes for labor camp will fastened along to form a wider area or larger area.
A Portable Military Shelter That Expands in keeping with Your wants. C-FORTS fold-out transportable shelters ar the best resolution for apace deployable, comfy and energy-efficient structures. increasing to many times their shipping volume once within the field, these units will be transported by land, ocean or air with efficiency and economically. Best In Its Field.
1. atmosphere protecting
2. Safe, Low cost, straightforward to installation
3. versatile fixing
4. lightweight weight
5. ISO 9001&CE certificate.
6. No base work concerned
7. atmosphere protecting, no garbage caused
8. Doors, windows, and interior partitions will be flexibly fastened
9. stunning look, totally different colours for the wall and roof
10. value saving and transportation convenient
11. Anti-rust and commonly over fifteen years exploitation life
12.Safe and stable will stand eight grade earthquakesportable military shelter
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